“A divine understanding of the ties that bind” — syndicated love from EDGE

Have you ever heard of syndicated love? EDGE is this company based in Boston that has websites dedicated to cities all around the country– Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and 13 other cities. Kitty Drexel, one of EDGE’s book reviewers, wrote this spectacular review of The Conditions of Love a few days ago and it’s now posted on all of these 21 sites. Talk about getting the word around. Who knew this kind of phenomenon existed? Here’s my favorite part:

Kushner has a divine understanding of the ties that bind people in relationships. The Conditions of Love is rife with truths about man’s equally selfish and selfless need to experience love in its many forms. Eunice might be the central player, but the hero of this tale is Love. Eunice experiences many kinds of loss. Before and after each misadventure she seeks solace in the stable relationships of her past and present: Mr. Tabachnik, a kind neighbor; her adopted guardian, Rose; Sam, a misguided role model. Although she may often be lonely, Eunice does not experience the destitution of abandonment.


Kushner’s writing consists of equal parts reverence for the human condition and sympathy for the pain that is a necessary part of that condition. This novel is an engrossing read and difficult to put down.

You can read the entire review here. .

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